If you’ve been approaching women for a while and nothing seems to work out, you may be wondering why your approaches are not turning into dating success. If this is you, you may be wondering how to get over this approach anxiety.

It’s important to understand that, as eager as you may be to get a date, your thoughts could be killing your chances of hooking up. Think of it this way: your thoughts interfere with what you get. When you approach a woman with the thoughts of getting rejected, you immediately presume that all women have this mind-set too. That’s how negative thoughts get in the way.

When you think positively about women, you immediately get into action. You don’t worry about the outcome because you know that any outcome is better than no outcome. This attitude attracts women because it’s a common cultural belief: if you have sentiments for success, you act on them. When you think negatively, you’re like a robot, thinking your thoughts and following your mind instead of acting on your thoughts. You hesitate, you care too much, you or others could get hurt. Women observe men who know how to get hooked by their eagerness to get a date. They get turned off by their hesitation and lack of action.

If it helps, think about the standards women have set for you. If you want to date a hottie, you don’t have to wonder if you could get her phone number. It’s your life, and when you act on your thoughts, you win the mating game even if you don’t get her number. Negative thoughts turn women off and scare them away. If you’re serious about dating, you need to get over this anxiety and negativity.

In a recent survey, controlling thoughtsTurning thoughtsallows you to clear your mind and enter into the action phase of attracting women. Whenever you have a thought about approaching a woman, do you stop and think about the possible outcomes your thoughts could bring? If you have negative thoughts relaying to you how you don’t stand a chance with her, you stop yourself, escalate the situation, and get on with the action ALWAYS! If you think you are too old, shy, fat, broke or ugly, don’t bother yourself. Men with negative thoughts stop approaching all the time, because thoughts like “I can’t attract women” or “what would I say” turn the guys off.

Get out of your head and start approaching women everywhere, anything, anytime. Soon, you will have positive thoughts getting into the mix and turn-ups are bound to happen.

Ultimately, it’s proven that people who act on thoughts, act on the positive thoughts.If negative thoughts is the enemy when it comes to attracting women, focus on what you desire. Think about having fun and finding that special someone to spend your life with. Once you think you are ready for an amazing relationship, enter the world of dating by interacting socially. Soon you will find yourself surrounded by potential dates.

Get Creative

Negative thinking also applies to other areas of your life. If you are a salaried employee who has been trying to get noticed for months with no luck, consider looking for a new job. You are a high-value, educated person and this is the time to get on it. Think about what you might want to do with your extra time. Identify where there is an opportunity to make connections. Check out your favorite fed,elligence,conversation.

Go Out

One time I was speeding down a steep hill in my car, and as I crested a rise, I saw this really cute girl on the hill. It was the end of a great run, and I slammed on the breaks to flag down her. She waved me over. We all had a great interaction.RETIREE: So I went back to my car, and immediately fired off a text that said: “WOW! incredible run! so awesome!” It was a one-liner, but it came off so strong. She was SO stunned, and she was left thinking, “who was that guy?” as I took the last fewuous steps toward my car.

Love, Actually

When you are in the throws of an interaction, hang onto it. Stay out of your head. One of the greatest paradoxes of seduction is that it can really make you believe the opposite of what’s going on.

I’ve interacted with beautiful women all my life, and for a lot of time, I was miserable. I wanted to approach and talk to them, but I didn’t know how. Over the years, I developed a technique that allowed me to not just talk to them, but feel them with lust, via a technique called “ovable monologues.”